With 30 years experience as a writer - first as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, then a freelance writer for magazines, newspapers and on-line publications, moving on to screenwriting, and an author - Jillian has prided herself on creating empowering and entertaining written works for adults.


Now she is excited to bring you her first novel, Shadows of Love Betrayal and Murder – a crime thriller. A book that will keep you turning pages with all the numerous plot twists and turns and steamy, erotic scenes.


As an award winning filmmaker, Jillian is also working on developing the book as a movie.


Sex, betrayal, deception, and murder, all in a day’s work


Get to know Dr. Jennifer Tigger, the unlikely heroine, who is flawed, but a brilliant forensic and criminal psychologist. A recovering sex addict, Jennifer struggles to stay a “born again virgin” as she helps clients at her private practice and aids the police in finding ‘The Philly Killer,’ who is murdering men in Philadelphia and the suburbs.

Jennifer slowly begins to fall for the ruggedly handsome, James Weston, the lead FBI agent on the case. However, she knows getting involved with James could prove dangerous as the body count of dead men piles up and evidence points to Jennifer as the killer.


Shadows of Love, Betrayal and Murder is a crime thriller. For readers 18+