Fitness Expert. Athlete.

Professional Speaker. Martial Artist.

Boxer. Fight Choreographer. Vegan.

At the age of 12, Jillian started training in Tae Kwon Do. She competed in karate tournaments and won many trophies. By the time she was 15, Jillian had earned her black belt. In her 20’s, Jillian started training in Wing Chun and would go on to earn a second black belt five years later. Now, she trains in Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing. She also trains in yoga, kettlebells and high intensity interval training.


Jillian, who is a former competitive martial artist and boxer, always includes martial arts, boxing or fight scenes in her scripts, which she directs, because that’s what she knows well. She utilizes her skills, training and experience as a fight choreographer.



As a life coach, fitness coach, group fitness instructor, and kettlebell trainer, Jillian is an expert when it comes to fitness, health and wellness. She specializes in functional fitness and high intensity interval training, along with strength conditioning. Jillian also teaches females fitness for self-defense in order to help reduce their chances of becoming a victim of rape, sexual assault, bullying, or domestic violence.



Dealing with serious health issues over the past few years, including diabetes, Jillian did extensive research to figure how to heal herself. Over the course of three months adopting a vegan and plant-based lifestyle as well as giving up alcohol, Jillian was able to reverse type II diabetes and she is no longer taking medications. She only eats the healthiest of foods – including dark leafy green vegetables, whole grains, beans, tofu, fruits, etc.  Jillian’s drink of choice now is water with lemon and ginger and protein drinks she prepares each morning.

Now, Jillian is the healthiest she has ever been in her life.


Jillian is on a mission to educate people about how functional exercise, along with promoting a plant-based diet can help people live longer, healthier, and reverse many illnesses. By being an example to others, Jillian hopes to inspire millions of people to alter their nutrition and lifestyle in order to live their best life ever.




Through the mind-body-spirit connection speeches Jillian conducts, she teaches people how to live longer, be healthier, gain success, optimize their performance, increase their lifespan, enjoy more pleasurable sex, reverse illnesses, and improve their cognitive, mental, physical, and emotional health.


Some of Jillian’s speaking topics include:

• How Mind-Body Wellness Leads to Success and Greatness

• Prevent or Reverse Diseases With Plant-Based Nutrition

• Quality Sleep Does the Body Good

• Why Sexual Health Is So Important

• One Foot On A Banana Peel, One Foot In The Grave

• Stress Management and Mindfulness

• Peace and Relaxation Through Yoga and Meditation

• Self-Care and How to Heal Your Spirit



(Check out Jillian doing mitt work with training partner John Quinlan)



• Black belt in Wing Chun

• Black belt in Tae Kwon Do

• Currently trains in Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing

• Certified Professional Life Coach

• Certified Mind-Body Fitness Coach

• Certified Kettlebell Instructor

• Certified Older Adults Foundations Instructor

• Certified Group Exercise Instructor

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