Tagline – Meet the teenage girl who went on to defy horrific odds and deadly experiences in order to fulfill a gangster’s dying wish. Based on a true story.


An adaptation of the memoir, HERE I STAND, by Jillian Bullock, the book and screenplay, chronicles the life of an African-American teenage girl as she fights to overcome homelessness, drug addiction, criminal activity, and prostitution, while raising a baby and working to become a filmmaker, thereby fulfilling the dying wish of her Philadelphia Mafia stepfather. (Drama, True Story)


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Tagline – God works in mysterious ways.


A young woman, who is a mixed marital arts fighter, with tattoos, is brass, tough-as-nails, curses like a sailor, and loves sex. She’s also an angel who is sent to Earth to protect and assist people against evil and injustice. While the angel helps others she struggles to understand how a sinner like her made it to Heaven and why God chose her. (Drama)

Tagline – Things aren’t always what they seem.


A Philadelphia Crime Scene Investigator, who is working on a high profile murder case, must do her own investigation when she uncovers evidence that links her current case to the recent death of her husband. (Crime Thriller)