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Logline - An award winning screenwriter, who is recovering from an emotional breakdown, must figure out who is terrorizing her before she goes insane.


ANGELA RODRIGUEZ STEVENS is a 35 year-old, Hispanic woman, award winning screenwriter and former professional mixed martial arts fighter. She grows up being sexually abused by her father, which causes Angela to battle depression and get involved in unhealthy relationships throughout her life.


Later in life, Angela marries DAVID STEVENS. After five years, Angela tells David she wants a divorce, and a fight occurs where she almost kills him. After the incident, Angela suffers a mental breakdown and David is left in a coma. Angela attends weekly sessions with a psychiatrist, DR. RIVERS. He diagnoses Angela with depression, and PTSD, which stems from her horrific childhood. This disorder makes it difficult for Angela to trust men, even MARK DIAZ, her current boyfriend, who is in love with her. Her inability to trust Mark eventually drives them apart.


While Angela writes her newest screenplay, a psychological thriller, centering on a serial killer, JOSHUA NORWOOD, disturbing and bizarre things begin to happen to her. In fact, it seems that some of the things in Angela's script are happening to her in real life. When Angela shares with Dr. Rivers that someone is terrorizing her, he isn't too sure considering her mental condition. Before Angela succumbs to madness she asks her best friend, ELLEN BAKER, a Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney, to help her figure out what is going on.


Eventually, Angela fixates on her next door neighbor as the potential suspect. When she goes to visit MR. WILSON to gather evidence to support her theory, she is hit on her head with a pipe. She awakens to find herself tied up in Mr. Wilson's basement. He has been terrorizing Angela because fifteen years ago she broke his heart when she ended their relationship.


After a few days go by, Angela seduces Mr. Wilson and promises him she won't tell the police what really happened if he unties her and lets her go free. He agrees, only if they have sex first. Before they engage in sex, Angela uses her MMA skills and almost kills Mr. Wilson.


As Angela recuperates at home, she works on completing her script. Things seem to be going well for Angela until Ellen finds out that her fiancé, CHRIS TAYLOR, cheats on her and gives her HIV. Chris' betrayal to Ellen, along with what happened with Mr. Wilson, and other horrific incidents in Angela's life pushes her mentally over the edge.


Joshua convinces Angela they have been friends since her childhood, which is why she used him as the main character in her script. He offers to help Angela by enacting revenge on the people who have caused her so much pain. Joshua tells Angela she will feel better about her life after he kills those evil people. She agrees.


However, in one of Angela’s sessions with Dr. Rivers, in the middle of her discussing what happened to Ellen, Joshua emerges. Angela’s speech and mannerisms mimic those of Joshua. Dr. Rivers now believes Angela has dissociative identity disorder. Before Dr. Rivers can get Angela tested for his diagnosis things get worse. She attempts suicide after she tells Joshua to kill Chris for giving Ellen HIV.


Angela is sentenced to a Pennsylvania mental health hospital where it is revealed that she created Joshua to “kill” people who abused or hurt her, but in reality Joshua killed no one because he never existed. This was Angela’s way of surviving the emotional pain from being abused by several men in her life and sexually assaulted as a child.


A year later, Angela is release from the hospital, sells her home, and is on her way to join Ellen in Paris. With medication and on-going therapy Angela is doing well. When she opens the door to leave Mark stands outside. While Angela was recovering in the hospital, Mark never called, wrote letters or visited her. He begs for her forgiveness. Angela, who is in love with Mark, forgives him. She knows she has also made many mistakes and now it’s time to start a new life. Angela and Mark go to Paris together.

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