Tagline – For Some Veterans, the Real War Begins When They Return Home.


An Army medic struggles to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder and deals with carrying the baby of the Captain who sexually assaulted her. At the same time the Captain, who is dying from cancer, must confront his past.


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“Fight of Your Life” is the title song for the movie “A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives.” The PSA music video was written by Jillian and co-directed by her and award winning DP, Lamont Fountain in order to shed light on military sexual assault and rape in the Armed Forces. In addition, the music video will help people understand what hundreds of men and women who serve in the military deal with on a daily basis. This often results in active duty members and veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.


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All scripts were written by Jillian Bullock and are registered with the Writer’s Guild of America.

Tagline – When life starts to imitate art someone isn’t going to survive.


An award winning screenwriter, who is recovering from an emotional breakdown, must figure out who is terrorizing her before she goes insane. (Thriller/Horror)

Tagline – Meet the teenage girl who went on to defy horrific odds and deadly experiences in order to fulfill a gangster’s dying wish. Based on a true story.


HERE I STAND tells the true story of an African-American teenager who fights to overcome homelessness, drugs, prostitution, and criminal activity in order to become a screenwriter and filmmaker thereby fulfilling the dying wish of her stepfather, who is a Philadelphia Italian Mobster.  (Drama. Based on the memoir, HERE I STAND by Jillian Bullock)


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Tagline – God works in mysterious ways.


A young woman, who is a mixed marital arts fighter, with tattoos, is brass, tough-as-nails, curses like a sailor, and loves sex. She’s also an angel who is sent to Earth to protect and assist people against evil and injustice. While the angel helps others she struggles to understand how a sinner like her made it to Heaven and why God chose her. (Drama)

Tagline – Things aren’t always what they seem.


A Philadelphia Crime Scene Investigator, who is working on a high profile murder case, must do her own investigation when she uncovers evidence that links her current case to the recent death of her husband. (Drama/Action)

Tagline – For psychologist Jennifer Tigger falling in love can be deadly.


Jennifer Tigger, a forensic psychologist, is a consultant for the Philadelphia police. She is called in to help them find a serial killer, who only murders men. Soon Jennifer realizes that all the victims were guys she had sex with. While on the case, Jennifer falls in love with the lead FBI agent, James Weston, who could end up the next victim. With time running out, Jennifer must stay one step ahead of the police and figure out who is trying to frame her for the murders? (Thriller)

Tagline – Some secrets you should take to your grave.


When a struggling actor, who is recovering from a bitter divorce, must decide between an acting career and the new love in his life things take an unexpected turn when he gets sexually involved with a female film director.

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