Jillian Bullock is a renowned and highly sought-after professional speaker, life coach, author, and award winning filmmaker. Jillian became a speaker and certified life coach after her memoir, HERE I STAND was published in 2012 and she started getting letters and emails from people all across the country, including people in correctional institutions. Jillian’s story of overcoming horrific experiences (rape, homelessness, drug addiction, prostitution) inspires people. Whether she speaks to large or small groups, Jillian’s passionate, empowering, and insightful speeches helps give people the tools to transform their lives and achieve success and greatness personally and professionally.


• Domestic Violence

• Scriptwriting

• Safety and Preventive Measures

• Independent filmmaking

• Sexual Assault/Harassment

• Casting


• Fight Choreography

• Resilience and Greatness

• Diversity in Film and TV

• Personal and Professional Success

Due to Jillian’s fierce advocacy when it comes to the rights and safety of all people, especially girls and women, she has been requested to speak at corporations, schools, conferences, workshops, events, non-profit and women’s organizations.

Jillian is currently writing the book – Resilience and Faith: Life Lesson on Success and Greatness From a Former Homeless, Drug Addicted Prostitute.

Jillian speaking with students at John P. Stevens High School where they requested her memoir,

HERE I STAND, to be put in the school library.

Jillian Speaking to Students


Jillian was invited to speak at the Invisible Wounds Conference on the topic of domestic violence.

Attendees at the Invisible Wounds Conference

Jillian spoke at Community College of Philadelphia, Student Veterans Club after students viewed a 30 minute segment of her movie A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives, which deals with veterans, PTSD and military sexual assault

Temple University Military and Veteran Services Center hosted a private screening for veterans and loved ones on November 1, 2017.

(Temple University screening of A Sense of Purpose Q &A - Lamont Fountain, DP, Editor, Producer,

John Quinlan, lead male actor, Jillian Bullock, Director, Writer, Producer, Tamara Woods, lead female actor)

(Jillian, with microphone, on Temple University’s 6th Annual Women Veterans Forum panel discussion)

(Michael Glass & Jillian Bullock)

"Jillian absolutely impressed the crowd with her story, her perseverance, and her self-defense demonstration. I forwarded all of Jillian's info to my sister organizations and told them how successful our event was." - Michael Glass, CEO, Dress for Success Pittsburgh, PA

Dress for Success Audience

"Recently, I had the privilege of attending The Dress for Success luncheon held in Pittsburgh PA. I found Jillian Bullock to be quite an inspiration to all women. Jillian is a true hero and a fighter. She is the role model I think that we all aspire to be. A woman who had to fight, day after day, year after year, to achieve the goals she wanted to obtain. I plan to have her conduct a workshop or speech at my organization next year." - Danielle D. McBurney, Senior Member Service Representative Highmark Help on Hand

Jillian receives certificate after speaking at the EPA

EPA audience

Jillian, in middle, posed with women from Hannah's House after an empowerment speech

(Sylester R. Kennedy, Founder & CEO, far right, of Hannah's House, which provides provisions for women in transition, including housing, educational training, career development, drug and alcohol counseling, and child care.)



Some people may say she’s a bit blunt and doesn’t pull punches, but there’s no denying that Jillian is a highly respected professional and an inspirational speaker, a woman of compassion, who fights for the underdog, the voiceless, and the powerless.  - Betty Lee, Attorney


Jillian Bullock is a woman who knows no boundaries. Considering her upbringing and the horrific obstacles she has overcome in her life, she could have fallen through the cracks and decided life wasn’t worth living. Instead, she dug down deep and fought back to succeed against all odds. Today, Jillian is an inspiration to those who feel hopeless and who are living a life in despair.  - Terrie M. Williams, Author of Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting


Jillian Bullock is one of the leading intellectual voices on dating abuse in the country.  Celeste Hayes, Sponsorship Director, Guidepost Magazine

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