Jillian Bullock

Award-Winning Filmmaker, Author, Speaker

From Crack Street, to Wall Street, to Hollywood


Jillian is the CEO/President of Jillian Bullock Productions, LLC, a film and TV production company based in Pennsylvania. While Jillian attended college, she raised three children as a single mother and worked as a reporter for “The Wall Street Journal.” After graduation with a degree in Communications from La Salle University, Jillian got her start in filmmaking as an intern on Spike Lee’s movie “Malcolm X.” From there, she has worked on her own, and other people’s movies, as an actor, writer, producer, director, and fight choreographer. Jillian got that last title because she is a former competitive boxer and martial artist. She holds two black belts, one in Tae Kwon Do and the other in Wing Chun. She currently trains in mixed martial arts and boxing.


Jillian took off from filmmaking for a number of years in order to focus on writing her memoir, “HERE I STAND,” which was published in 2012. The story tells of Jillian’s upbringing with her African-American mother and her white stepfather, who was a member of the Philadelphia Italian Mafia. Growing up Jillian endured a number of horrific experiences, including seeing her first Mob hit when she was nine, being a victim of rape when she was ten, and homeless when she was fifteen years old, which resulted in Jillian getting involved in drugs, criminal activity and prostitution.

However, no matter what she was going through Jillian held on to the two things she loved most – writing and watching movies. It was actually her stepfather, who was a movie buff, who instilled in Jillian that she would one day become a filmmaker. Holding on to that dream helped Jillian get off the streets, kick drugs and get back in school.

Achieving a Dream


Today, Jillian is an award winning filmmaker. She wrote and directed the documentary “A Filmmaker’s Personal Journey.” She went on to write, direct and produce the drama “Spirit.” She has sold two scripts in her career so far – “Scar Across My Heart” and “The Champion Inside.” Jillian recently completed “A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives,” a feature film that focuses on veterans, PTSD and military sexual assault. Jillian, along with award winning DP, Lamont Fountain, also co-directed “Fight of Your Life,” a PSA music video to bring more awareness to military sexual assault and PTSD.

Currently, Jillian is in development on the movie “A Cup Full of Crazy,” a psychological thriller.


Since 2007, Jillian has been a screenwriting judge for the Set In Philadelphia Screenwriting Contest, which is sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Film Office.


Jillian is also a much sought after, and in demand professional speaker, who, when her schedule permits, travels throughout the country conducting speeches and lectures. Her topics include: fitness and wellness, self-defense, rape and sexual assault, domestic violence, professional development, and personal empowerment, along with film production and screenwriting. She is a member of Toastmaster’s International and Women’s Media Center SheSource Expert, an online brain trust of female experts on diverse topics designed to serve journalists, producers and bookers who need female guests and sources.


Back in author mode, Jillian is currently writing the empowerment book – Resilience and Life Lessons: How to Achieve Success and Greatness From a Former Homeless, Drug Addicted Prostitute.


Jillian’s life story and her work as a filmmaker, author and speaker has been featured in several media outlets, including Ebony, Essence, Forbes, People, Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Times; radio programs such as Steven Knight Radio, January Jones Radio Show, Living Fully After 40 Radio, Cyrus Webb Conversations Live, and TV news programs on CBS, ABC, Fox, and NBC.

We're Human - We're Real


As a screenwriter you can expect Jillian’s stories to feature female protagonists who are interesting, complexed women - mothers, businesswomen, corporate CEOs, athletes, authors, cops, lawyers, doctors, advocates, students. They may be flawed, or struggling, many have lost their way, some are dealing with their inner demons, but all are seeking ways to live a full, happy, fulfilled, successful, and productive life. Jillian’s stories include women from all walks of life, education and financial backgrounds, straight, gay, trans, young, old, black, white, Hispanic, Asian. All women have a story to tell and


Jillian tells these stories from a perspective of street smarts and education, love and compassion.


“I write what is real - the good, the bad, and the ugly - when it comes to what really happens to girls and women in America and internationally. Some of my stories pull at the heart strings and will make you cry, some are controversial and will make you angry, some are suspenseful, some are action driven, but that’s what makes storytelling so wonderful and powerful.” – Jillian Bullock


"A Cup Full of Crazy" – Writer, Director, Producer, Actress, Fight Choreographer (In Development)


“A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives” – Director, Writer, Producer,

Actress, Fight Choreographer (Jillian Bullock Enterprises, LLC) (Completed)


“Fight of Your Life" Music Video – Co-Writer, Director, Producer (completed)


“Spirit” – Writer, Director, Producer, Actress, Fight Choreographer (Jaguar

Productions, Inc.)


“WXW Rage” - Wresting TV Show – Wrestler, Actress (Top Rope Productions)


“Live in Peace or Die in Peace” – Director, Actress, Fight Choreographer

(educational video for Philadelphia, PA school system.)


“A Filmmaker’s Personal Journey” – Documentary Writer, Director, Actress,

Producer (Jaguar Productions, Inc.) (Won the Mickey Michaux Award)


“Dragon Enterprises” – Fight Choreographer, Actress (Kevin Blanks, Director)


“Up Close” – Production Assistant (Jon Reynolds, Director)


“Malcolm X” – Intern (Spike Lee, Director)



Jillian wins best film at the Ocktober Film Festival in NY October 2018

Jillian (in middle) receives the Challenge Coin from the National Association of Black Women Military Brooklyn Chapter for her movie A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives and her dedication to the veteran community.

Nominated for best music video, Fight of Your Life, 2018.

Jillian Bullock, writer, director, and producer wins best film

A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives

Currently, Jillian is seeking to secure a distribution deal for A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives.  To learn more: